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Get EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 Certified

EQ-i 2.0 and the EQi 360 measures emotional intelligence (EI) and is proven to be a key indicator in human performance and development potential. We provide a 1:1 customized program and support for developing emotional competencies to create greater personal and professional success.

Get certified and optimize your coaching business today.

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Why Amoxie Group?

Amoxie Group Consultants believe:

  • Expert solutions are vital to any consulting project's success
  • It is equally crucial for consultants to ensure that clients absorb, use, and benefit from the suggested recommendations
  • Client success is carefully considered and included as part of all consulting projects

High-Impact consulting is successful when consultants partner and collaborate with clients by taking large projects and breaking them into smaller sub-projects. The sub-projects focus on near-term goals that both parties are reasonably confident can be achieved in a shorter time frame.

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We are ready to serve as your one-stop-shop for educational consulting. We provide high quality Special Education and Section 504 evaluations, Speech and Related services.

We provide training, consultation/coaching for K12 and Higher Education Environments.

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Your child deserves to have a high quality evaluation. Our Educational Diagnosticians, LSSPs, SLPs and Related Services Staff evaluate your child to support educational planning.

We provide training for parents to support the diverse needs of your child in both Spanish and English.

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  • We are experts in Organizational Leadership Development. We utilize researched validated assessment tools (EQi 2.0, Everything DiSC, The Five Behaviors, True Colors Intl.) and strategies to customize your training, consulting and coaching needs. Your organization deserves solutions that are sustainable for Organizational Development, Executive Leadership Coaching, Teamwork Optimization and Productive Conflict, communication and more.
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Amoxie Group's Services!

Amoxie Group’s experts provide evaluation services, training and personalized coaching experiences that transform organizational and personal outcomes.

Our consultants offer customizable packages and technical support to fit the needs of any organization or individual.

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Your Success Grows with AMOXIE GROUP!

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