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  • Who are we?
  • Amoxie Group is a Texas-based Consulting firm that partners with public- and private-sector clients to provide resources needed for clients to meet critical educational, corporations and personal goals.

  • We ARE innovators with MOXIE!

  • About Amoxie Group
  • The Amoxie Group strives to influence change and functions by delivering caring and compassionate support for each client. We are experienced professionals who are ready to help corporations, schools (K-12 and Higher Education) and professionals.
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High-Impact Consultants

The Amoxie Group helps school leadership teams create systems, provide professional development, and engage in ongoing coaching to support success in the following areas:

  • • Strategic Planning
  • • Program design and implementation
  • • Program review and evaluations
  • • Students and staff culture
  • • Program redesign
  • • Developing processes and procedures for compliance and ease of daily functions
  • • Corrective action plans
  • • Investigations
  • • Data-driven instructional practices
  • • Project management
  • * Infrastructure Development

Coaching Built for Success

Our leadership coaching and service implementation supports can be implemented as year-long, multi-year, or customized goal-setting programs. We work in collaboration with schools to create systems, provide training, and supply ongoing coaching and support.

Amoxie Group leadership coaches ground their support on research-validated tools such as the EQi-2.0, EQi 360, Everything DiSC, and Five Behaviors.

Coaching services are available for business leaders, educators, school leaders, students, parents and individuals. .

Specialized coaching available for adolescents and adult students with disabilities such as Specific Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Autism.

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