Amoxie Group for Corporations!

Our Core Belief 

Amoxie Group defines professional development as a comprehensive, purposeful, and sustained dedication to improving the effectiveness of all employees by aligning their learning to goals emerging from their organization’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

At Amoxie Group, we believe, that if we empower leaders and organizations to grow and build their capacity, they will create a healthy work environment with emotionally intelligent teams that trust, engage in productive conflict, and are committed to the accountability needed to obtain top results.

We see professional development as the foundation to the success of every organization. Our unique approach to professional development and learning extends beyond the single session training by challenging professionals through a series of highly engaging learning experiences!

We offer customizable sessions to organizational leaders, and team members as well as clerical, administrative, and logistic support personnel at one of three levels:

  • Foundation for employees new to their assignment or with typically less than three years of experience in the related topic;
  • Novice for employees who have a foundational knowledge of the related topic with typically less than five years of experience; or
  • Expert for employees who have extended knowledge and years of experience in the related topic but seek to remain innovative and knowledgeable in the related topic

Consultation Services

Amoxie Group professionals provide expert consultation to optimize teamwork, employee performance, organizational systems, advance efficacy, develop strategies, problem-solve through challenges, and create innovation.

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