Coaching, Consulting, and Professional Development

Qualified Consultants/Coaches

Our consultants are expert in all areas of school district operations including instruction, state and federal programming, staffing, training, and fiscal management. They bring over 60 years of collective experience supporting the needs of district staff members, students, and families in Texas school districts. Amoxie Group representatives have an average of five or more years of professional experience, hold advanced degrees, and are licensed or certified in their areas of expertise. Each Amoxie Group consultant meets qualifications that often exceed state and client requirements, including:

  • • License/Certification Verification. Licenses and certifications are verified, and available from the Amoxie Group office for each representative.
  • • Consent for Criminal Background Investigations. Amoxie Group consultants consent to criminal background investigations and welcome review in accordance with state guidelines or client contract obligations.
  • • Continuing Education. Amoxie Group consultants are encouraged to participate in on-going professional education courses in their areas of expertise.
  • • Personal Interview. Amoxie Group consultants are available for personnel interviews upon request, in accordance with client contract obligations.

Comprehensive Special Education Program Management

Our comprehensive Special Education Program Management services provide the infrastructure support for managing a fully compliant special education department. This service allows you to rely on our expertise to manage as a full service Special Education Department and deliver your related service, evaluation, and state reporting requirements while you focus on providing students their required instructional continuum of services.

Our Comprehensive Special Education Program Management Services include, but are not limited to:

  • • Special Education Director leadership coaching
  • • Preparing for a difficult ARD meetings
  • • ARD facilitation services
  • • Master scheduling
  • • Staffing analysis and projections
  • • Mediation or Due Process Hearings
  • • Texas Education Agency complaints
  • • Program reviews
  • • Cyclical monitoring

Professional Development and Learning

Amoxie Group defines professional development as a comprehensive, purposeful, and sustained dedication to improving the effectiveness of all employees by aligning their learning to goals emerging from their organization’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

Research suggests that the most influential factor on a child’s educational experience is the quality of the classroom teacher. At Amoxie Group, we believe if we empower educators and build their capacity to design, facilitate, and support highly engaged learning in a psychologically, physically and emotionally safe environment in which students collaborate, communicate, create, connect, cultivate cultural proficiency, and think critically, then students will be inspired to be designers of the changing world.

We see professional development as the foundation to the success of every educational organization. Our unique approach to professional development and learning extends beyond the single session training of the past and challenges professionals through a series of highly engaging learning applications.

We offer customizable sessions to district leaders, administrators, educators, as well as clerical, administrative, and logistic support personnel at one of three levels:

Foundation for employees new to their assignment or with typically less than three years of experience in the related topic;

Novice for employees who have foundational knowledge of the related topic with typically less than five years of experience; or

Expert for employees who have extended knowledge and years of experience in the related topic but seek to remain innovative and knowledgeable in the related topic

Professional Development topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • • ARD facilitation for administrators and special education service providers,
  • • Child Find for district personnel, by discipline,
  • • Co-teaching and inclusive practices,
  • • Conflict management for successful ARD committee collaboration,
  • • Cross-battery assessments for evaluation personnel,
  • • Disability awareness, • Introduction to Special Education/Section 504 services,
  • • Microsoft Office Suite for clerical and administrative support personnel,
  • • Reimagining special education for district leaders,
  • • The special education labyrinth for campus administrators,
  • • The special education process for educators, or
  • • Visual structure and environmental strategies for students with autism or related communication disorders

Planning for professional development begins with a consultation session in which Amoxie Group representatives meet with the organization in order to tailor instruction to its needs. Consultants are ready to plan and deliver individual sessions to fit within an existing program, prepare comprehensive professional development days for an entire district, or address specialized small teams.

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